XTERRA 2017!

28-30 April 2017
Venue: Langkawi Malaysia

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2017 Race Format


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Championship Triathlon

1.5km swim + 30km cycle + 11km run

This is the flagship event. The race course is crafted to give pro and age group triathletes competing in the Asia-Pacific Championship category a serious test. The course starts with a swim off of the beautiful sandy beach of Pantai Kok and the small Island of Burau which is home to many juvenile Hornbill's. The bike & run trails are in the verdant forests that form the foothills of Mat Chinchang, which is the 2nd highest mountain in Langkawi and is part of the UNESCO-recognized Geopark. Participants will cross many streams one of them being popular Telaga Tujuh Waterfall (meaning the Seven Wells) so named because of the collection of 7 intertwined natural pools formed by 7 waterfalls at this section of the river before finding themselves back on the beach for an XTERRA obligatory beach run to the finish line .

Sprint Triathlon

750m swim, 16km cycle, 5.5km run

This category of race gives participants access to  half of the distance of the Championship course minus the serious climbs and technical descents. This makes it ideal for the novice off-road triathlete and inexperienced Mountain Bike Rider who just wants to experience the fun of being in the forests and off-road without any of the seriously scary bits. 

Championship Triathlon 2 or 3 Member Team Relay

1.5km swim, 30km cycle, 11km run.

This category runs on the same trails as the individual Championship Triathlon the only difference being that you and your team mates get to pick which bits you want to do e.g. swim, bike or run rather than have to do all three. We’ve yet to see a team of specialist come and give the pro’s a swim, ride & run for their money but we live in hope of this 

Trail Runs - 5km

This trail gives participants the flavor of the Championship Course as it’s made up of various sections from the course that the Pro’s run on. It starts and finishes in the same place on Pantai Kok’s beautiful white sandy beach but just as with the Sprint Triathlon it has had all, well most of, the hard bits removed e.g. the hills, practically anyone can experience and participate in the fun of a trail run 

Trail Runs - 11km

The 11km trail run mirrors exactly as the 11km run of the Championship Triathlon the only difference is that you won’t have to do it on tired legs unless you were a Triathlete and did it the previous day and are coming back for more because you just can’t get enough. You’d be amazed how many do!  

Trail Runs - 21km

The 21km trail run mirrors exactly the 11km run of the Championship Triathlon  but also includes a generous section of the bike course so you’ll be able to test your running skills with those of the Mountain Bikers and see first hand what they have to cycle up and down during the Championship Triathlon.



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