XTERRA 2017!

28-30 April 2017
Venue: Langkawi Malaysia

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Bike Course Narrative

Xterra 2014 Bike Course Narrative This year’s XTERRA Bike is a single loop course and like last year will be marked with XTERRA Blue arrows.

The Sprint is just over 16kms and the Championship just over 34kms.

Both leave transition area and follow last years course out towards the Persiaran Selantan Highway. There is sadly some new development works to traverse across given that Putrajaya is a rapidly expanding city but there is still a good mix of single and double track trail to start giving riders a feel that they are about to embark upon an adventure and escape the concrete of the city.

After a minor road crossing and a little climb through some more single and double track trail riders negotiate a short drop down onto the motorcycle lane that runs along side the Persiaran Selantan Highway. Shortly after crossing the KLIA Express Train Line they sweep round a sharp right and cross the Highway using a tunnel.

This tunnel featured in last years route for the Championship and was the route out and back. This year though it is just one-way and almost immediately after exiting it riders make a sharp left off of the motorcycle lane and drop in to and cross a small stream and exit the other side into Precint 6 where they will use an old Kampung road that eventually leads them to Putrajaya Challenge Park (PCP).

Once inside PCP riders more or less follow the same trails as used by last years Championship course. The only exception is that the Sprint riders will take a less technical trail to exit PCP and the Championship riders will have a few more hills to climb and some new interesting downhill sections to test their nerve and resolve.

Both course exit at the same point and immediately cross over Jalan P5 near to the roundabout that serves as the entrance to the Islamic Cemetery. From here they enter the wasteland area that runs alongside the KLIA Express Train Line affectionately named the “Field of Broken Dreams” last year by one of the XTERRA 2013 competitors.

Since XTERRA 2013 many other events have used it’s hidden secrets so we are expecting less “broken dreams” there this year. It’s still a tough test to navigate without losing momentum and gaining more than a sore rear though so, don’t take it lightly. As it is ridden in the opposite direction to last years course it is now exited with a short “hike the bike” section up onto the bridge that crosses the KLIA Express Train Line.

After making a sharp left and passing the 1st of 2 Water Stations on the course if you’re a Championship rider or your only Water Station if you’re doing the Sprint course. You will disappear off left down single-track trail and after going through a small copse of Palm exit alongside the KLIA Express Train Line. Riders that completed the Championship course will recognize this section although this year it will be ridden in reverse so that it is all now very rideable.

This year however when the course reemerges onto the road it will turn sharp right and cross the Persiaran Selantan Highway. It is worth highlighting here that at this point riders will be going against the flow of traffic so the race course will be marked to ensure riders stay on the grass verge until they have to physically cross the bridge that goes over the Highway. This area will be strictly ‘policed’ and riders who use the tarmac when they shouldn’t risk incurring a time penalty.

Immediately after the road crossing the trail will reenter the grass verge and pick up trail through a sandy and stony wasteland area. Eventually this will cross a small river and riders will veer left to take a single-track trail alongside the city’s Polo & Equestrian Centre.

For the next couple of kilometers riders will be expected to stay left on wide free flowing trail that will be two-way as riders return along this section trail from the U Turn point for the Sprint riders and return section of the larger Championship loop. After passing under the Persiaran Selantan & Leboh Wadi Ehsan intersection the trail opens up and there’s plenty of space for everyone though. If you need to overtake, like most other parts of the course, you’ll find plenty of options to do so safely along here just remember not to stray too far right and impede riders coming in the opposite direction.

Eventually riders come across an open area where the Sprint riders Checkpoint is and after checking in will U Turn round and head home. The Championship riders will be directed to cross the bridge that crosses the Sungai (River) Langat. This bridge remains open to local Kampung (Village) motorcycle traffic and is used by returning riders. Because of this the bridge is strictly a no overtaking zone and riders ignoring this will also pick up a time penalty infringement.

After crossing the river riders make a sharp left turn and ride through several small plantation settlements and after crossing under the Kajang-Dengkil Highway end up riding alongside a small stream. This trail is a combination of single double track trail and offers multiple passing points all along it.

This trail leads to a small settlement where riders will rejoin tarmac in the form of the quiet Kampung road. After winding through the settlement they’ll turn left on to Jalan Dato’Dagang Mondok passing a small kids Moto X track on their left and then taking a sharp right where they’ll start the ascent of what is locally known as Antennae Hill. Although for the purposes of XTERRA 2014 and due to the exposed area,, this will now be known as the “Sun off a Beach” Hill to recognize the valuable product range of one of our valued sponsors “Sun of a Beach” who are our official sun protection provider.

After rejoining double track trail from the Kampung road the route winds up to a a pretty little Red Bungalow situated at the end of Jalan Tok Empat Rashid. This is where the climb up to the summit and the Championship Checkpoint really starts.

Again, as with the Sprint riders at the summit of the “Sun of a Beach” Hill Riders will need to “check in” and collect evidence that they’ve reached this point. Any rider that is too impatient to stop to allow the Marshall to do this will be reported and receive a time penalty. Once registered at the Check Point riders proceed along the rolling ridgeline for a while where they can hopefully and momentarily enjoy a welcome cool breeze. After enjoying this and soaking up the views of the surrounding hillsides and the city of Putrajaya in the distance riders ride down the other side of the “Sun of a Beach” Hill.

After the second sharp left turn riders will rejoin a tarmac “Kampung” road where the 2nd of their two Water Stations is located. This will be at a suitable slow section of the road where it is flat or has a slight incline so riders are not going too fast to miss it as this really isn’t advisable given that it’s still quite a ride home from here with one more reasonably serious incline.

The Kampung road crosses back over the KLIA Express Train Line, which by now, riders will have either become quite familiar with, completely sick of or both! It will follow course signage through the “Kampung” lanes and random trails that criss-cross the fringes of the old Palm Plantations that this area is famed for.

Finally the lanes will lead to the main road of Jalan Kajang-Dengkil, which the riders will need to cross at the appropriate section. This is probably the only area where there could be some serious traffic issues and whilst our Marshalls and the local traffic police will do their upmost to protect riders and give them priority please remember your safety is ultimately your own responsibility.

Once on the other side of road your wind through some more Kampung lanes and eventually hit single and double track trail that meanders through a series of lakes that form part of the wetland areas that surround the city and act as a natural purification process for the lake that the city is built around.

Eventually the route crosses back under the KLIA Express Train Line and immediately turns left along single and double track trails until they arrive back at the bridge that crosses the Sungai Langat. Once again a strict No Overtaking policy must be adhered to as you return over the bridge to the point where the Sprint riders turned and headed home.

As the Sprint riders did the Championship riders will return along these trails that they travelled out on staying on the left. After passing back under the Persiaran Selantan & Leboh Wadi Ehsan intersection you’ll continue on the left in the dip alongside the riverbank rather than rejoining the fence line that you rode out on.

After veering left back over the river and passing under a raised barrier to exit the trail riders turn sharp right and cross over Jalan Kandang Kuda, which is the entrance road for the Equestrian Centre. They will immediately reenter trail and turn left heading up to towards PICC. There will be no Marshall’s at this crossing though as the road is so infrequently used. Please be aware of road traffic at all times though as your personal safety is very much your responsibility.

This final bit of official trail eventually emerges on to the ring round that goes around Putrajaya’s International Conference Centre (PICC). The crossing will be at the traffic lights and participants will be directed to follow the course markings and ride up the pavement and then into PICC. Again riders who ignore these instructions and the course markings will have their race number recorded and receive a time penalty.

Once inside PICC riders will follow the course markings up the service road that circumnavigates PICC and in the process complete the final hill climb. The reward for this will be a view of the cityscape that many people other than the occasional well-informed tour bus get to see.

After summiting this last short all be it concreted climb, riders will descend down a shady grass bank although they should be wary of the trees root systems here that can make an otherwise fun descent a little bit interesting especially if you ride a hard tail like me .

At the foot of this descent there will be your final ‘official’ road crossing which will direct on to the pavement on the opposite side of the road where you cycle towards Komplex Sukan Air. Again participants ignoring these instructions and markings and who try to go against the flow of traffic on the road rather than the pavement will have their race number recorded and receive a time penalty.

From here you’ll be able to smell home but just in case you can’t you should still follow the course signage that will lead the riders round the unused road system and eventually take you across a piece of waste land and over the service road into the grounds of the Pullman Hotel. Once again because of the infrequency of the traffic here the road crossing will not be marshaled so you are advised to look after yourself here and be aware of any errant vehicles that might be in the vicinity at the same time as you are.

After crossing the road riders will pass around the outside of the hotel grounds and eventually end up Lakeside where they will cycle along a section of path reserved for them and back into the transition area. This section of path will have signage and cones/barriers to warn pedestrians to keep out but once again riders should be aware and conscious of normal road safety here as theirs and the safety of others will be their responsibility.

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